Komet Pride Swells in Kasson-Mantorville

Posted at: 03/19/2014 5:53 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It's not quite March Madness, but the Kasson-Mantorville girls high school basketball team is creating a lot of buzz in their community.

"You have to be proud of this place and the things that we've accomplished," said teacher Nic Matejcek.

"Keep on going girls! Keep on!" said high schooler Faith Bersano.

"Good luck and go comets!" said 2nd grader Joseph Drew.

Everybody within the school district is excited for the team to be in the state tournament.

Mr. Haraldson, a 2nd grade teacher, is also the girl’s high school coach.

"We're doing banners for him and we're trying to make it so it's special," said Charlotte Woodruf.

"It was just a really fun time just supporting him," said Kyle Nelson.

The high school girls haven’t played in the state basketball tournament since 1997.

"Regardless of the outcome, be very proud of what you've done," said Matejcek.

A high school of 600 cut in half as the principal gave the day off to all those going to the state tournament in support.

"I’m sure there's a lot of kids around here that would like to be there but didn't have the opportunity," said Matejcek.

Even though many couldn't make it, it didn't keep them from cheering them on.

"I went to a few of their games. They did really good," said Bersano.

"Go Comets! I'm really happy for them," said Christian Campbell.

The same went for the teachers.

"The school is kind of the glue that holds the whole community together. People have a stake in it and it just makes for a great environment," said Matejcek.