Businesses Ready for Return of Spring Customers

Posted at: 03/20/2014 6:50 PM
By: Sean Boswell

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Spring has arrived and it couldn't come soon enough for business owners. Local bars and restaurants in the area are directly impacted.

"It’s completely different," said Tap House owner Christine Stahl. "In the summertime, people just walk right in, go upstairs and go out on the patio."

Stahl expects a lot more business to come with the warmer weather, and her business partner Natalie Victoria, owner of Victoria’s Ristorante and Wine Bar, agrees.

"Everybody wants to eat outdoors on the nice days in the summer because they're so few and far between in Minnesota," said Victoria.

Both ladies say winter is the least kind of the four seasons.

"Our business has a lot to do with Mayo Clinic visitors, so the Spring and summer months you'll see a little bit more patients out and about so that in turn helps us," said Victoria.

Stahl says that businesses bar and restaurant businesses know what to expect when the weather is cold.

"January and February tend to be, in this business, really lean months, we have to scale back everything, scale back our employees, scale back what we purchase, that kind of thing, because people don't want to come out when it's 40 below zero," said Stahl.

Adding the extra space of a patio helps both The Tap House and Victoria’s with profits and job creation.