Febreze Assault at Iowa Grocery Store

Posted at: 03/29/2014 2:54 PM


DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - A Des Moines grocery store manager trying to stop the shoplifting of a cart full of items got a face full of air freshener for his trouble.
Des Moines television station KCCI reports that Hy-Vee Assistant Store Manager Leroy McDonald spotted someone with a loaded cart of groceries bypass the checkout lanes and leave the store.
McDonald followed the man and asked for his receipt. When the man couldn't produce one, McDonald asked the man to come back inside. Instead, the man shoved the cart at McDonald, grabbed a bottle of Febreze from the cart and sprayed McDonald in the face with it.
Police arrived and arrested Daniel Formaro, charging him with second-degree robbery.
Other than red eyes, McDonald was not injured.