Ohm Family Helps with Rochester's Crow Problems

Posted at: 03/29/2014 7:07 PM
By: Sean Boswell

Ohm family helps with Rochester's crow problems.
Ohm family helps with Rochester's crow problems.

(ABC 6 News) -- Rochester has a widely publicized crow problem, with streets and sidewalks often filled with their droppings. Saturday, the 3rd annual Crow Hunt was held in the area, and 19 groups of locals took the problem into their own hands and hunting down the birds themselves.

According to Jenni Ohm, the crow hunting even helps the community solve a serious problem.

"They're pesky, annoying animals and we just go out and try to do what we can to try and eliminate part of the problem," said Ohm.

Ohm’s niece Kortney Smith agrees.

"There's so many of them and they're just in the way," said Smith.

While most in Rochester would agree having cars and sidewalks covered in crow droppings isn't ideal, many argue this is not the way to solve the issue.

The family, whom also hunt whitetail deer, coyotes and foxes say they don't hunt just to kill, there is a purpose behind it.

"We're not just trophy hunters, we eat our meat, we feed our families with it, I mean it's a sport, but it's also food on the table," said Ohm.

"The trees are always covered in crows... The sidewalks are covered in... Well... You know," said Ohm.

Results of the event will be revealed on Sunday. Cash and prizes will be given out to winners.