Twins hoping replay glitch fixed before opener

Posted at: 03/31/2014 6:12 PM

CHICAGO (AP) - Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire says his team's replay system wasn't working for the season opener because of two blown fuses.

Gardenhire says technicians were working to solve the problem before Monday's game in Chicago against the White Sox.

Gardenhire says the two monitors perched on a wall in the back of the Twins' locker room were disabled. He was talking to Twins videoman Sean Harlin, trying to figure out how they would coordinate to challenge plays.

The manager says the White Sox could still use their system if the Twins' monitors don't work. He says he could still challenge without Harlin's input.

Gardenhire kept a laminated card telling him which plays were reviewable under Major League Baseball's new expanded replay format.

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