Tension Over Teardowns in Minneapolis

Updated at: 03/31/2014 1:05 PM
By: Networx

Photo: chicagogeek/FlickrIn Minneapolis, a real estate resurgence is happening. More and more developers are working within the city, focusing on breathing life and vigor back into a struggling economy. Along the way, they're tearing down older homes to make way for larger developments, echoing an overall desire to have larger homes and planned developments. Not everyone's happy with the teardown culture in Minneapolis, though -- citizens are getting fed up with construction debris, portable toilets, and the other detritus that accumulates along the way. They're also concerned about the character of small, intimate neighborhoods.

Some are proposing a moratorium or ban on the practice, while others argue this is shortsighted, and could lead to urban sprawl as well as other development problems. Can Minneapolis strike a balance that statisfies residents while maintaining the city's admirable urban growth? Minneapolis remodeling crews certainly hope so, because the surge in development is nothing but good news for them.

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