Century High School Student a State Champion at Chess

Posted at: 04/06/2014 10:39 PM
By: Sean Boswell

A Century High School sophomore is a now a chess expert and state champion. From a very young age, the boy’s father knew he had a special talent.

It was a boring rainy day in Tel Aviv when Maor Leker Locker learned to play chess.

"I just showed him how to move the pieces on the board, and since then he never left the chess board," said Chaim Leker Locker, father of Maor.

Maor moved from Israel to Rochester when he was 5-years-old. He competed in chess tournaments starting at a very young age.

"Every day he was playing. Shortly thereafter he started to play really well," said Chaim.

Maor's faimly moved so his father could take a job as a cardiac surgeon at Mayo Clinic. As soon as they moved, Chaim could no longer beat his son at chess.

"It's all built up from a plan that you make and whatever your opponent does you hope your plan continues," said Maor. "Sometimes your opponent makes it easier for you, it all depends."

But when did it hit that Maor was more than just really good at chess?

"The Minnesota Open, I saw him just a couple of months ago sitting in the five front tables playing masters and grand masters, I thought to myself, this is a breakthrough," said Chaim.

Maor has another tournament coming up to determine whether he will compete in the USCF open next August in Orlando, Florida.