The Three Amigos

Posted at: 04/06/2014 10:45 PM

"We went to daycare together when we were two," Albert Lea senior Sydney Rehnelt said.

"We had the same summer babysitter, and she would take us to basketball camp. We would go swimming. Just a ton of stuff together," friend and fellow senior Bryn Woodside said.

"I remember Bryn and I used to play in our driveway and just shoot hoops with my dad," Rehnelt said.

"We were kind of inseparable," Woodside said.

Then came middle school, and along with it, the youngster of the trio, Megan Kortan.

"We started in summer camps, and then we kind of just grew from there. Now, we do everything together," Kortan said.

"There are different sports where you have your friends, but they're not your really close ones, and to share your passion with your two closest friends is really something special, and something you don't get in every other sport," Woodside said.

The three amigos will always have fond memories together.

"Dressing like crazy for the football games was always fun," Rehnelt said.

But all good things must come to an end.

"I've got big shoes to fill," Kortan said.

"I had a great experience playing with Bryn and Megan and everyone else. I'll definitely miss it next year," Rehnelt said.

"We had a really good season. It was a lot of fun, so it's sad to see it go, but it's okay, too," Woodside said.