Rochester Montessori Students In New York for Mock United Nations

Posted at: 04/08/2014 10:42 AM

(ABC 6 News) - Some local middle school students are heading to the Big Apple today... to learn more about the United Nations.

The students are 6th graders at the Rochester Montesorri School. They're heading to the Montessori model United Nations in New York City. Basically, each school represents a country and comes up with resolutions to problems the world is currently facing.

"One of the big things in our curriculum is peace educations. So we talk a lot throughout all the ages about how to build peace around the world. And one way that we find a system that's in place for that, is through the United Nations," says teacher Laura Rasmussen.

"If we learn about this now, it's more likely that we can share this with the world in the future so that more people can recognize it and help," says 6th grader Jane Hamilton.

The students have been doing research and preparing for this trip since September. We wish them good luck and safe travels.