Adam Bergstrom

Posted at: 04/30/2014 10:34 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- "I never really wanted to do it when I was younger," Austin junior Adam Bergstrom said.

Bergstrom didn't begin running hurdles until his freshman year of high school.

"I started slow; didn't really know what to do," Bergstrom said. "These last two years, I've picked it up, and I'm getting used to it now."

Last weekend, Bergstrom won both the 110 and 300 hurdles events at the Packer Invitational.

"I haven't been running the time I've wanted to, so I just told myself to go out and give it a hundred percent no matter what," Bergstrom said.

Bergstrom shares a special bond with his coach, who just happens to be his dad, Eeron Bergstrom.

"I don't really look at the son part of it," Eeron Bergstrom said. "All the athletes out here do well, and I just try to get them to reach their full potential."

"At home, he's a sweet, loving guy, and then at practice, he's a mean guy who makes us do hard work" Adam Bergstrom said, laughing. "It's two different personalities."

The father-son duo seem to work well together, and hope to push the younger Bergstrom to the highest peak.

"The goal is state this year," Adam Bergstrom said. "It's in reach; I just have to work at it."

"If he can get his form down and his mind right, he should be doing well this year," Eeron Bergstrom said.