Local Communities Cheered Runners in the 19th Med City Marathon

Posted at: 05/25/2014 4:56 PM
Updated at: 05/25/2014 6:36 PM
By: Hannah Tran

Hundreds took to the pavement in the 19th Med City Marathon.
Hundreds took to the pavement in the 19th Med City Marathon.

(ABC 6 News) --    The Med City Marathon is massive. It's one intense marathon that breaks out the sweat from within thousands of runners from all over Minnesota and even from out of state.

Thousands of running shoes hit the pavement by Byron Elementary school Sunday morning. The Med City Marathon has a full marathon, a half one, and a 5K.

Hundreds of others showed their support on the sidelines to friends and family. Bells were ringing non-stop and one Rochester resident made humorous signs to encourage his father and two sisters.

"They've been training for about six to eight months," said resident Tyler Hoyles.

Hoyles' family trained for the full marathon, which is over 26 miles. There's a half one, too, and that's around 13 miles.

Dallas Davidson of Spring Valley, Minnesota, didn't expect to be in the top five male runners for the half marathon.

"My legs were dead in the end," said Davidson. "I kind of just set a goal and went for it and I did a lot better than I expected."

For the top five female runners, Emily Paradis made the cut.

"I ran it with my sister and it was a lot of fun. I felt really good," said Paradis.

The first six to eight miles of the marathon, for both the full and half marathon, are on county roads and country roads near Byron. Then, after another six miles upon courses nestled near a creek and a lake, runners finally enter the neighborhood streets of Rochester before finally concluding in Downtown Rochester. Half marathon runners only follow the first 12 miles then split off at Silver Lake. The 5K starts and finishes on Civic Center Drive in front of the Mayo Civic Center.

Encouragement was found in every corner of the marathon, no matter what course was taken. For one group of ladies dressed in pink and tutus, confidence was found within each other. They wore matching shirts with the words "Chatty Chicks."

"We always run together and we talked throughout the marathon and on our long runs. That's why we call ourselves the Chatty Chicks," said spokesperson Deanna Tompkins.

The Med City Marathon is more than just an individual's great accomplishment. It's also about those helping them along the way, in life and on the road.