Good Earth Village Hosts Youth from All Over the Globe

Posted at: 06/08/2014 10:58 PM
By: Hannah Tran

Youth from all over the globe travel to Good Earth Village in Spring Valley.
Youth from all over the globe travel to Good Earth Village in Spring Valley.

(ABC 6 News) -- Some campers spent the weekend at Good Earth Village. But it wasn't your typical summer camp. Many of the young adults there have traveled the globe and have seen some of the world's poorest families.


Good Earth Village, it's an escape nestled within this green valley that is sought by children, teens, and young adults, who are returning home to Minnesota from all over the world. 

From Columbia to even Tanzania, they're part of a congregation of churches that send and receive youth counselors around the world to forge meaningful ties. 

They have seen desolate to desperate situations overseas.

From homes...

To school grounds... 

But what they realized brought a lesson, more so than pity. 

Their global encounters taught them that some lives may seem like it has a lot less than most, but those people learn to create a perspective of abundance.

So these young leaders gave what they could for the people they've met and the students they've taught. 

And they're also bringing those lessons to home grounds, here in Spring Valley. 

At Good Earth Village, children and teens camping at the site will build their own sense of leadership by listening to these counselors. They'll learn to spread a sense of fulfillment, through friendship and cultural encounters. 

Good Earth Village's youth program is connected to more than 150 congregations. They also have a network of participating churches worldwide that help support these trips.