Stewartville Football Team Has Close Encounter with Deer

Posted at: 06/17/2014 7:43 PM
By: Steph Crock

Photo: ABC 6 News
Photo: ABC 6 News

This story is not for the faint-hearted. We do want to warn you, it contains some graphic bloody photos. 

Recently, the Stewartville football team was traveling back from a tournament at the University of Minnesota, when a deer came flying through their windshield. Though it could've been a very serious accident, the boys are now shaking it off. 

Tuesday was the first official day of practice for Stewartville football players since returning from a field trip they'll never forget. They were traveling home from the cities when... "About 5 miles out of Cannon Falls, a deer had come out from the median and tried to jump the car in front of us and kind of clipped either the back end of the car or the roof of their car, and kind of cartwheeled through the air," said assistant coach Ramsey Miller.

"All of a sudden a deer flew through the windshield and hit me in the face and landed in the back seat," said running back Shane Curtis. He looks alright now, but had been bleeding from cuts on his face when it happened. "I was just kind of sitting there like, 'what just happened?' Then my eye was closed and it was almost swollen shut and there was a bunch of blood and I’m like, ‘ah I hope I’m not blind in that eye,' but it opened up fine," said Curtis.

Miller had been driving at the time. "I got everybody down into the ditch and checked to see if everybody was ok," said Miller.

Since learning scratches were the most of the injuries, the tone's a little different now. "It doesn’t hurt too bad anymore," said Curtis. He's even crediting his time in the weight room for the minor injuries. "I think it’s just a little testimony to show just how strong we actually are. We can get hit by deer and we're fine," joked Curtis.

Whether that's the case or just pure luck, the team is using this crazy story as momentum for the upcoming season. "Definitely more excitement than we were anticipating from coming home from the first event of the year, so hopefully the rest of the season goes, more or less, ‘event free’ at least from that kind of stuff," said Miller.

"We're just taking all the bad luck out right away so then it's just good luck from the first game of the season to the end," said Curtis.