Waseca Teen's Police Interview Released

Posted at: 06/25/2014 8:22 PM
By: Steph Crock

Photo: ABC 6 News
Photo: ABC 6 News

(ABC 6 News) -- It's a chilling interview, we now have the conversation between police and the Waseca teen accused of plotting a mass killing spree at his school.

Seventeen year-old John Ladue is accused of planning to massacre his family and high school classmates, even mocking the attacks on the Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook Elementary School calling them "pretty lame" and "pathetic." 

Now, roughly 4 hours of recorded conversations have been released by police, in those Ladue calmly talks about how he bought the materials and his plans to make bombs. "Sometime before the end of the school year, my plan was to steal a recycling bin from the school and take one of the pressure cookers I made and put it in the hallway and blow it up during passing time," said Ladue in the recording. 

Had a 911 call to report a man acting suspiciously not been made, the town of Waseca could have made national headlines for all the wrong reasons. "My intentions then, when people were fleeing, would be to detonate while people were fleeing, just like the Boston bombings, and blow them up too, then, my plan was to enter and throw molotov cocktails and pipe bombs and destroy everyone, and when the SWAT comes, I would destroy myself," Ladue went on to say to police.

There are 140 pages of transcript of this conversation with John Ladue and police. Ladue very calmly stating his intent kill his peers and family. "I was planning to dispose of my family," he said, "they've done nothing wrong, I just wanted as many victims as possible."

Not only did police find bomb materials, guns, and a written plan of attack in both Ladue's locker and at home, but now there's YouTube video of Ladue. Officials say this video clearly shows Ladue lighting various explosives. Ladue was arrested in April before he could carry out his plot and has been charged with 12 felonies, 4 of them first degree attempted murder.

Still the biggest question is, why would he plot such a horrendous crime? "First off, I was not bullied at all. I don't think I've been bullied in my life. I have good parents. I live in a good town. I think I'm just mentally ill and nobody has noticed," said Ladue.

We are still waiting to hear if Ladue is being charged as adult for these crimes, pending psychological evaluations.