Austin Freedom Fest Parade

Posted at: 07/04/2014 6:11 PM

(ABC 6 News) - The Austin Freedom Fest Parade brought in crowds that lined downtown streets today.

“Today, I’m out here with my two granddaughters, Alyssa and Charlie, just out enjoying the 4th of July parade as a family. Looking to have some fun,” said Barb Bos.

For some, the tradition of attending Austin’s 4th of July Parade spans years back.

“Every year, every year since my kids were little, and my oldest is 32,” said Bos.
For others, the tradition is just beginning.

“We just moved up here from Tennessee last November, so we’re still learning about the Austin community, but it’s been really great so far,” said Michelle Arends.

The parade featured a mile of more than 100 floats with businesses and organizations from the community.

“It really brings the community out, lot of community involvement it’s great,” said Bos. “We could do vacation or go somewhere else, but we just decide to stay here. It’s great here.”

Austin’s Freedom Fest continues all weekend. Tomorrow, the celebration will feature a fishing contest and five-mile hog jog.