Operation Welcome Home Helps Families Reconnect

Posted at: 07/12/2014 9:39 PM
Updated at: 07/12/2014 11:00 PM
By: Hannah Tran

Operation Welcome Home helps families reconnect.
Operation Welcome Home helps families reconnect.

(ABC 6 News) -- War is a brutal test and returning home is another challenge. A Stewartville Christian Ranch offers a free retreat for veterans and their families to help them reconnect and support their relationships.

"A safe harbor where families could be back together and enjoy each other," said GiGi Tisdale, who's husband is a veteran.

Tisdale is talking about Operation Welcome Home, a scenic escape along the Root River at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch. Entry is free, but only for returning veterans. She came with her family to partake in the program.

"Military families to come and have time when they can regroup and have a re-entry into being together," said Tisdale.

Deployment shakes families apart, but at Operation Welcome home, the program intends to mold them back together.

"They offered some sessions that would help us be able to work on relationships with each other and things for the kids to do," said Paul Ives, another veteran who visited the ranch.

Military families packed away for a weekend with their families to unload some emotional baggage and to reclaim some precious cargo.

"The biggest part is having young children and trying to reconnect and really sort of make up for lost time," said Chris Wolf, a veteran who came with his entire family.

Relaxing, uplifting, those are some of the words Chris Wolf used to express his experience.

"You know it really replenishes and rejuvenate you," adds Tisdale.

To register, military families can go online for Operation Welcome Home.