Police: Austin Man Connected to Fire, Loud Party and Drunk Driving in 15 Minute Span

Posted at: 07/14/2014 11:19 AM

Photo credit: MGN
Photo credit: MGN

(ABC 6 News) -- An Austin man faces a "drunk driving" charge after driving around police barricades outside his home.

Police and firefighters were called to the 600 block of second street northwest in Austin shortly after six o’clock Sunday morning on a report of a fire.

Police used their squad cars to barricade the block, and two fire trucks were parked inside the barricades.

But officers say the 38-year-old man drove around the barricades and was about to drive over fire hoses when he was stopped.

An officer recognized the man from a "loud party" reporter 15 minutes earlier, and believed the man was drunk.

He later tested over the legal limit for intoxication in Minnesota.

Police say the fire call was at the suspect's apartment -- he had apparently put food on the stove, then left to go to the party.

Heavy smoke forced the evacuation of the apartment building for about 45 minutes.

No one was hurt.