Reading, Writing and ... Registration

Posted at: 07/17/2014 6:41 PM
By: Dan Conradt

Photo credit: MGN
Photo credit: MGN

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- You know the three R’s of education … reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. Thursday in Austin, they added a fourth – registration.

It was time for the kids at Sumner elementary school and some of the kids from Woodson kindergarten center to register for the coming school year.

This will be the fourth year Sumner elementary and some of the Woodson kids will go to school on a year-round schedule of 45 days on and 15 days off.

"This is the first year in which if you live outside of the Sumner neighborhood you can ride the bus to school," said Sumner principal Sheila Berger.

Families in the Sumner attendance area have always had the chance to opt-out of 45-15 and, if there was room, parents from other areas could elect to send their kids to Sumner.

"But due to the need to transport their children across town, it was not an option for them and we didn't want that to be the barrier to a student finding success," principal Sheila Berger explained.

“And by offering similar calendars from Sumner to Woodson, parents don't have to navigate the dual calendar kindergarten through fourth grade," kindergarten center principal Jessica Cabeen told ABC 6.

Families have the option of enrolling their kindergartners in a 45-15 program, and traditionally, between 50 and 60 families do.

“It's really critical for families if they haven't registered yet for either calendar to give us a call, because during this mass registration is when we do our kindergarten assessment on all students, and it helps us to get academic, behavior information to place them in the appropriate classroom," Woodson principal Jessica Cabeen said.

“We had a dramatic increase in our statewide testing scores after we made the shift to a modified calendar," Sumner’s Sheila Berger told us. It was an increase that prompted the Minnesota Department of Education to name Sumner a "Celebration School".

"I definitely think we're an a-plus school," principal Sheila Berger said.

The Austin school district’s 45-15 students go back to school on July 29th.