Beep Baseball Comes to Rochester

Posted at: 08/07/2014 6:59 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- Rochester played host to a group of athletes specializing in what's known as Beep Baseball or "Baseball for the Blind."

The Beep Baseball World Series at R-C-T-C drew visually impaired athletes from around the country.
The game is played using a ball and bases that make noise so the athletes can find them.  However, organizers say it's about more than just a game.

"Once you get involved in this sport and you see the competitiveness and you understand their stories and they're just out here playing the game of beep ball. and you want to stick around and see it and you build friendships and it's a really good program," says Jason Price, one of the NBBA Umpires.

ABC 6 had many volunteers at the tournament and enjoyed spending time with all of the tremendous athletes.