Kids Turn Vandalism into Art

Posted at: 08/11/2014 7:33 PM
Updated at: 08/11/2014 7:40 PM
By: Dan Conradt

Photo: ABC 6 News
Photo: ABC 6 News

(ABC 6 News) -- It’s a tucked-away corner of Austin that most people never see.

But on Monday, some kids who have seen it spent the day creating something nice out of something ugly.

"I bike through here and it just makes me sad people will do this," 12-year-old William Kahle said.

“There were bad drawings and stuff on there," added 13-year-old Slava Kritzer.

And when the kids from Pacelli schools got to the "A" part of this summer's "STAM" summer enrichment camps.

"STAM is short for science, technology, art and math," organizer Laura Marreel explained. “We really wanted to paint a mural."

And the kids found a home for their mural on the recreational trail that circles the Mill Pond.

"We're painting over graffiti," Kahle said.

“This is a great way to be able to paint a mural, help out the community," Marreel said.

The STAM kids teamed-up with the Austin park and rec's anti-graffiti efforts.

"It's pretty sad how when people build stuff and then people write on them and just mess it up on the second day," Kritzer told us.

“I think this is helping them see the graffiti that's in town. It stands out a little more to them now," Marreel said.

“It's a learning opportunity for us so we know what we can do in the future to help prevent this," said Kahle.

And by the time the STAM kids finished, the bad pictures had been covered by the word "family" in Pacelli green.

"We consider Pacelli a family because we're always there for each other," Kahle explained.