Santa Fe hit-and-run takes violent turn

Posted at: 10/15/2012 6:17 PM
By: Jill Galus, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A Santa Fe man is clinging to life after police said he was shot Sunday night.

The man who pulled the trigger, however, is also recovering from being sliced across his face with a knife.

The violent scene unfolded during a hit and run in a downtown neighborhood.

Shattered glass, pieces of plastic and metal were still strewn across the pavement Monday, as police continued piecing together how a hit and run took a violent turn.

Around 9:15 Sunday night, police said a man driving a pickup hit a car parked in front of a home on Candelario, near W. San Francisco St.

The owner of the car rushed from his home when he heard a loud crash out front, police said.

"At this time it looks like the driver was trying to leave the scene, and when the homeowner said, 'I'm calling the police, you need to stop,' he did stop at that time but he got out of his vehicle," said Santa Fe Police Sgt. Andrea Dobyns.

The blood-stained pavement is gruesome evidence of what happened next, before police arrived.

"The owner of the truck pulled out a knife, cut the homeowner's face, and the homeowner had a gun on him, so he actually shot the driver of the vehicle," Sgt. Dobyns explained.

A woman in the neighborhood told KOB Eyewitness News 4 two rows of parked cars is typical for the narrow street, adding she cannot say she is surprised by how things unfolded.

"It's a little extreme to shoot somebody, but it's also a extreme to slice somebody's face too," she said.  "I've been sitting in a car when a car came by and hit my window and they're angry, there's a lot of anger."

While the investigation is still on-going, police said the homeowner who allegedly shot the driver is not facing any charges at this time.

The homeowner, who received a number of stitches, is recovering at home.

The man who police said caused the crash remains in critical condition.

Investigators are still trying to determined if the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

So far, no charges have been filed.