Four Corners students get bird's eye view of power plants

Posted at: 10/17/2012 7:28 PM
By: Liz Lastra, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Some high school students from the Four Corners area got a unique tour of power plants from a vantage point most people don't ever see.

Wednesday was 14-year-old Jessica Watchman's first time on a plane.

“It was pretty fun actually," she said.

Fourteen students from Red Valley/Cove High School got a bird's eye view of the two power plants near Farmington.

“I saw a lot of pollution. Like smog from the power plants," said Watchman.

Jane Parjiter, with EcoFlight, said they have been doing these plane tours with students from the Four Corners area for six years.

“EcoFlight's a nonprofit organization that uses small planes to educate and advocate for the environment," she said.

Breanna Litson, 16, has seen the power plants from the ground. She told us watching the smoke stacks from the sky was surprising.

“I'm glad they're showing us the power plants and, like, how it's affecting the air and the pollution," she said.

Wednesday’s tour focused on the impact the power plants have to the Four Corners water systems.

“They might be in much closer proximity to the river or above the river and could be leaking into the river," said Parjiter.

Organizers believe these plane rides keep the students talking about their environment long after school is over.

“When you see something from the sky you get the big picture," said Parjiter.