Getting philosophical

Posted at: 10/23/2012 4:42 PM
By: J.P. Murrieta, KOB Eyewitness Sports 4

University of New Mexico football coach Bob Davie holds a weekly press conference every Tuesday.  He’ll talk about the upcoming opponent, the status of his quarterback, various injury reports, and schemes and matchups.  This week Davie became philosophical on various topics.

On whether or not to let Cole Gautsche throw the ball more:

At some point we need to let Cole let it rip and throw it for the future.  Again, I make the statement it’s too early to judge by wins and losses. I mean that. I’m not saying that to have a little safety net if we don’t win while he’s trying to lower the standard. There’s nobody that has higher standards than I do. But you’ve got to be careful of getting too carried away of trying to win, which we are every week, but at what point does that stunt your development, whether that’s Cole Gautsche who just needs to throw the ball and we live with the consequences, or it’s Cranston Jones, the two Jackson twins, Paytron Hightower being in that game and we just live with the consequences. That’s where we are in the development of this program. We’re trying to scratch and claw and win every week and have a plan to win, but you’ve got to be careful that you’re not afraid to lose a game because three years from now or four years from now is what’s really important for this program. That’s the reality of this. And that’s what I fight, that tremendous urgency and wanting to win every week, with the patience it takes to make really smart decisions and build this program. Not to go off on a tangent, but Cole Gautsche is a really good example of young guys playing on this team. We just need to bite the bullet and let them play.

On the lack of a passing game this season:

I don’t think Bob DeBesse came to the University of New Mexico to throw the ball one time in the second half. I don’t think Ty Kirk and Quintell Solomon or Lucas Reed loves the idea of getting one ball thrown to them a game. I don’t know if Jeff Mills came here thinking, “I’m not going to get to play one snap of man-to-man coverage in the games.” But that’s what it is. So there are a lot of people’s psyches that are important, and I manage that every single day. That’s why I appreciate these players and these coaches so much, because I know what it really is and what it has a chance to become.

On the fan support this season:

I’ve got a picture in my office that someone took during the Southern game. It was a great day, beautiful and sunny. A lot of fans felt pretty shirts and red hats. It’s a great picture of our stadium. I’ve been pleased. I understand we’re not the prettiest team, but in some ways it’s kind of fun to watch us play. I think the fans have been great, I really do.  I appreciate the fans coming out, but I’m never going to judge our fans should more come.

Davie ended his press conference with “Alright guys, we have enough philosophy for today?  It’s like coming to see Dr. Phil.”

The Lobos host Fresno State on Saturday afternoon.