A little Hallloween help from Heather

Posted at: 10/26/2012 7:43 AM
Updated at: 10/26/2012 7:44 AM
By: Heather Mills, KOB Eyewitness News 4

This year Americans will spend about $8 billion on Halloween. Costumes, of course, are a big portion of that.

At least one study says a lot of folks are planning to spend more money this year, trading in do-it-yourself ideas for pricey ready-made costumes.

But why spend the money and time tracking down a pre-made costume when you can get one for just ten bucks?

Heather Mills went to the Goodwill on Paseo Del Norte find out if it's possible.

Walking into the store you can see it's set to sell. "Anything you can imagine basically you might be able put together in here and we have our folks here that are wearing these little buttons, our associates who are here to help you out," said Ryan Stark. He's the Marketing Manager for Goodwill.

"You can not only make your house creepy, you can not only make yourself all awesome for Halloween, but you can also help out your friends and neighbors," Stark added.

Heather found complete costumes, already assembled on the rack.

"What does this say?" she asked. Stark said, "It is $7.99. You figure if you went and bought this new, it'd probably cost you $20, $20, $40. So, you're saving a lot."

But, what about putting together a costume from scratch? Heather found cat ears first.

"I kind of like the ears. Let's see here," she said. "We're on a budget. 99 cents! Let's start here, let's go shopping!"

Walking around the store Heather found black pants and a animal print shirt, all within the budget. So what about something more presidential to go with an Uncle Sam hat she found?

"So we're feeling patriotic because after all, it's an election year," Heather said. "About $3, so I have $7 left," she said referring to the hat. Then she found blue pants and a red top for the set price.

"Trust me, it's not just going to be the off-the-shelf stuff that they get at the Big Box stores," Stark added. "Were open 7 days a week, including Halloween day, so if you're running a little late as far as getting your Halloween costume, come in here on the 31st and we'll have you dressed up for your party that night."

Just for fun, she decided to try and find one more, a witch.

"There, we've got a skirt, $4.79." She found a shirt and witch hat, all for a total of $9.37. "And I even saved, I've got 63 cents left," Heather added.

So, there you go. We found it all for ten bucks! Now go and have some fun!