Copper thieves reportedly hit Albuquerque strip mall

Posted at: 10/27/2012 7:12 PM
Updated at: 10/27/2012 7:52 PM
By: Adam Camp, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Halloween parties tend to be better with candle light. Ish Calleros had a plan for his holiday party at the Kung Foo San Soo martial arts center.

But copper wire thieves reportedly took away electricity for his students More than $3,000 in damage was done to his building for only $15 in copper.

"Six businesses shut down in one day, but they're not going to shut my business down. Not today," Calleros said.

Despite the setback with no electricity, Calleros bought candles and glowsticks to keep his student’s party.

"Definitely, definitely more memorable. We're gonna have a lot more fun, the kids are going to have a good time, we're going to have glow sticks, this thing is going to be lit up. We're going to have candles, all the reflections will be lit up," he said.

Calleros said he wanted to send a message to his students and to the people who took the wire.

"Nobody's going to stop us. That's it. It doesn't matter. People will try to do something to us. We're going to defend ourselves and we're going to continue on," he said.

One of Calleros' students also had something to say about the copper thieves.

"If you do that, someone's always going to catch you because people are always around you," six-year-old Audrey Alexander said.

APD said they had no current suspects for the copper thefts.