Armed bandits take irreplaceable item

Posted at: 11/08/2012 5:05 PM
Updated at: 11/08/2012 6:15 PM
By: Danielle Todesco, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The Valencia County Sheriff's Office is investigating a burglary that turned violent. They say they are looking for three suspects who got away, after shooting at a neighbor.

The homeowner is pleading for help from the public to find something the thieves stole that is irreplaceable.

Denise Jaramillo says they stole a lot of valuables: A television, her childrens' game console, and nearly all of her jewelry.

But she says none of that matters. Jaramillo says the thieves took a box that contained her childrens' identities.

"Both of my children are adopted from Ukraine and one from China, and that box was missing," Jaramillo said. "I think that was the moment when it became real."

Inside that locked box was every shred of who her children are. There was paperwork for their biological information, their first baby pictures, and even the raw video Jaramillo took during her journey to Ukraine to adopt her son.

"That box contains my babies' lives, and I would like it back," Jaramillo said.

Valencia County Sheriff's Sergeant John Gordon says the way the suspects got away could have been deadly.

Gordon says two men and a woman parked their car outside of Jaramillo's home Wednesday afternoon, and the men kicked in the front door. When they got outside and loaded up, Gordon says Jaramillo's neighbor was there with his truck, blocking their exit from the gate.

"He didn't move his vehicle and at that time, the suspect vehicle rammed his vehicle," Sgt. Gordon said.

He said after that, the suspect fired two shots at the truck, hitting the engine and the hood. That is when the neighbor backed off.

"The man went ahead and released the brake on his truck and the car pushed it's way out through the gate, scraping his truck and the fence," Gordon said.

Thursday, they were recreating the crime scene. Gordon and Denise both agree, her neighbor is lucky to be alive. But Jaramillo is still missing her childrens' history.

"You can have the TV, you can have the Wii, but that's not yours," she said. Denise says if you see a white lock box dumped anywhere, she is pleading that you turn it in so they can see if it is hers.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Gordon says they are looking for a faded maroon 1990's model Buick or Oldsmobile that should have damage to both the driver and passenger side from when it escaped.