Food bank excels in rescuing

Posted at: 11/13/2012 4:56 PM
Updated at: 11/13/2012 5:52 PM
By: Joseph Lynch, KOB Eyewitness News

Everyday, a significant amount of food in New Mexico goes to waste. That's why the Roadrunner Food Bank goes out of its way to rescue food. It makes sure useable and edible food ends up in the mouths of those who need it, and not the landfill.

Food resciung is responsible for a significant amount of the food that the Roadrunner Food Bank collects for those in need. Last year they rescued 16 million pounds of food. it ends up on plates, not the garbage. Smith's Food and Drug manager Brandon Grubbs said they even go out of their way to look out for usable product.

"Any useable product that is about to expire or maybe a slightly damaged that's still a good product and useable for somebody that needs it," Grubbs said.

Sonya Warwick of Roadrunner said it's not garbage. There's good stuff too.

"It's meats, it's dairy products, it's produce, bakery goods, a variety of different things that really can help provide a hungry person a well balanced meal," Warwichk said.

The rescued food allows the hungry to get well-rounded and more balanced meals. Often for those without, it's easier and cheaper to eat things that are actually the worst for their health, Warwick said.

"Calories can be cheap. But real food, like produce for example and meats, are very, very expensive. Often for hungry people it's things like produce that they have to cut out of their- whatever they can afford to buy at the grocery store."

For those who get help, like Jonathon Michael Aaron, he is often surprised by the variety and quality of food that Roadrunner offers.

"Most of things in there are things that I can use. I don't tend to cook as much as most of the people around here. But, never the less, the things that are delivered are extremely helpful to me and save me a lot of hardship," Aaron said.

Roadrunner Food Bank's website is located at