Lowe's, Sitel adding jobs in Albuquerque

Posted at: 11/13/2012 5:17 PM
By: Jill Galus, KOB Eyewitness News

Hundreds of jobs are coming to Albuquerque.

Lowe's Home Improvement chain is expanding its contact center, and with that comes about 300 new jobs.

The announcement Tuesday came as good news for anyone who is looking for work in the line of customer service, including sales, support and questions about any of Lowe's products.

Lowe's Contact Center Vice President Don Easterling told KOB Eyewitness News that bringing more jobs to New Mexico was an easy decision.

With the top executives by her side, Governor Susana Martinez got a first-hand look through the Lowe's Customer Support Center.

Construction outside the location on Jefferson is the expanded part, where 300 New Mexicans will be working next year.

"I just talked to a lady who hadn't worked for 12 years, she home schools her children. Her husband, he's struggling at his company, he has a small business, he's losing about $1,200 a month, so she had to come back to work," Martinez said.

Easterling said Albuquerque is a prime spot for the expansion.

"Albuquerque turned out to be a just wonderful city for us and the workforce has allowed us to expand, skilled workforce, good attitude around customer service, just what we were looking for," Easterling said.

More job opportunities with big corporations like Lowe's is helping New Mexico also become more competitive with neighboring states, Martinez said.

"How do we compete with Texas, how do we compete with Colorado and Arizona? We can't with a high corporate tax, so that's my job, is to push forth an agenda that makes it an even playing field so they wont jump over New Mexico," Martinez said.

For more information about applying for a job at Lowe's, visit their website by clicking here.

There are also jobs available at another Albuquerque call center.

Sitel is looking to hire 200 employees. They need customer service representatives, dispatchers and people with some management experience.

Sitel will hold another job fair on Thursday at their call center on I-25 near Jefferson.