Local woman returns from Superstorm Sandy ravaged Northeast

Posted at: 11/25/2012 9:34 PM
Updated at: 11/25/2012 10:18 PM
By: Maria Guerrero, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A local woman who came up with a big idea just delivered in a big way.

It started with a simple idea: Filling a semi trailer with donations and delivering it to survivors of Superstorm Sandy.

Albuquerque residents responded and quickly.

"I thought we'd be out there a couple weeks and we were out there about a week and we were ready to go," said organizer Kim De La Porte.

They almost completely filled the trailer with clothes and everyday necessities. A truck driver in Utah volunteered to drive the semi 2,000 miles to hard-hit Atlantic City, New Jersey.

De La Porte made the trip last weekend; it’s something she won’t soon forget.

"Seeing it on TV was devastating and the pictures are horrific but then when you're standing there in the middle of it is...I can't even describe. I mean it's so much worse," she said. "Boats in the middle of nowhere and far inland…Houses have been lifted off their foundation. I mean huge houses."

The property was beaten up. The people were weary.

"It's very quiet and serene. People don't want to talk a lot about it," she remembers.

De La Porte and a handful of Albuquerque volunteers, along with a local church there got right to work. She says they distributed items to more than a thousand people.

"The whole day was so life-changing. Really, for everybody that was there," she said.

New Mexico made a dent in New Jersey, but De La Port says the work isn’t done.

"The need is so great and I just want to keep people aware that it's not over," she said.

She’s actually thinking of filling another semi trailer and delivering it to the East Coast before Christmas.

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