These Tijeras students take their Humanities lessons literally

Posted at: 11/26/2012 8:01 AM
By: Heather Mills, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Four dozen students are learning first-hand what it feels like to give to those in need. What started off as a class project at Roosevelt Middle School in Tijeras has  turned into a life lesson - making these kids this week's Hometown Heroes.

Ms. Fran Proce's Humanities class is learning that no matter how old you are, you can always help others.

"For them to be empowered that even at the age of 12; these are 7th graders; that they can change the lives of 24 people," said Proce.

It all started three weeks ago with a lesson in letter writing.

"We sent persuasive business letters to businesses, family members, friends, all over the place, to collect at least $25 from each of them so we could raise money to buy the food," said student Malcolm Ross.

The goal was to make a Thanksgiving meal and to raise enough for two weeks-worth of food for 24 families.

After collecting $4,300, the class hit Costco and Smiths for another lesson - in  shopping and budgeting.

Then it was time to sort and organize all the food.

Ross added, "We put all the canned stuff on the bottom, then we put the Cheerios and some of the other boxes on the side because there was some gaps. Then we put all the lighter, more delicate stuff on the top."

But, it goes way beyond schoolyard lessons.

Proce said, "The most important thing they learned is how important it is to give." Proce says she's been doing this project for 12 years.

Proce added, "After this project, I've had students say to me, for Christmas, instead of asking for 5 presents, I'm going to ask for 3 and ask my parents to donate 2. Then I say to myself, 'they got it!'"