Visitors tour Albuquerque rail yard looking for a revamp

Posted at: 12/01/2012 8:14 PM
By: Shaun Griswold,

Ask and you shall receive.

City of Albuquerque officials asked for public input about what to do with the abandoned rail yards in Barelas near downtown.

Today, a large group of visitors went to the old rail yard site to offer their suggestions and see some plans the city hopes to put in place to revamp the space.

“I thought that this place would be gone really,” Ted Flores said. “I never figured they would do anything with it, and I'm just glad that it's happening.”

One idea is to transform the space into housing, retail and other professional enterprises.

Jobs are the biggest priority for the city.

“This site used to employ almost one quarter of the city's workforce, so we want job development and job creation,” Kara Shair-Rosenfield, Planning City Council Office said. “We also want cultural facilities and amenities. That's why Wheels is such an important part and the city's partner in this. There will be a Wheels museum here on the site someday.”

Due to the type of funding the city used to acquire the rail yards, part of the redevelopment must include workforce housing and a museum that includes the history of transportation in the area.