Thieves bring out true Christmas spirit in ABQ neighborhood

Posted at: 12/05/2012 6:08 PM
By: Chris Ramirez, KOB Eyewitness News 4

There is a Grinch in the Princess Jeanne Neighborhood of Albuquerque.

Someone is stealing Christmas lawn decorations, but just like in the Grinch story, the thief has only brought out the true Christmas spirit on Ralph St., near Eubank and Constitution.

Elizabeth Rinaldi awoke Tuesday morning to an empty lawn. She and her husband had put out Christmas lawn decorations just two days before.

"I walked out the door and went ‘Aw, they're gone!' Then I said a few expletives I think," said Rinaldi. "We're trying to share the holiday spirit and they wanted to take it away from us."

Rinaldi struck back. She placed a half-dozen signs around her home warning her neighbors of the thieves. Some of the signs were also directed toward the criminals who trespassed on her property to take what wasn’t theirs.

One sign read, “You creepy crawly people who steal at Christmas are just cockroaches who need to be exterminated."

Another read, “The dog figure you stole looked like our dog that just died. Merry damn Christmas.”

One plastered on the window read, “Thieves, you are the scum of the Earth. May your actions be your curse.”

The signs attracted attention from her neighbors and that’s when she saw the real Christmas miracle. Her neighbors came by one by one to give money or offer new decorations.

"We told them its not about the decorations, it's just the whole idea that they want to take away our Christmas spirit,” Rinadli said. “But with all the neighbors that came by- they kind of gave it back to us, made us feel real good and supported."

Rinaldi is thinking of taking the signs down, but leaving just one up. The signs that reads: Thank you to all of our neighbors who have offered their kindness. You lift us up. Merry Christmas.