Weddings and births on 12/12/12

Posted at: 12/12/2012 6:11 PM
Updated at: 12/12/2012 6:42 PM
By: Joseph Lynch, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Ever forget a birthday or anniversary? Iconic dates have become quite the trend in the United States for getting married. Considering it's the single most important date in ones life, there's no way of forgetting 12/12/12. Or is there?

The Sedillos had it planned out for months. The groom Daniel claimed it wasn't even his first choice of days to get married. "I chose April 1st. Hahaha," Daniel said.

With all the pictures and family there to remind him, there's not much of a chance on forgetting this day, according to Daniel. "I won't even have to have it tattooed," Daniel said.

12/12/12 should be hard for even the Pearsons to forget. They got married at a drive-thru at 12:12 Wednesday in Nob Hill. Considering their history with remembering first dates and other relationship milestones, they couldn't have chosen a more perfect day to tie the knot, according to Bradley and Whitney.

"No, but it's a good thing because I think we forgot our last three year so... We both forgot our last anniversary so we won't forget this time. It was definitely meant to be," Whitney said.

The minister at the Wedding Chapel in Nob Hill, Reverend Pearl Gabaldon, said that people have been telling her about the importance of the number twelve.

"People come in here all the time telling me that twelve is an important number. And so yes, to most people getting married today I'm going to say the vast majority of them feel like it's a special number to them," Rev. Gabaldon said.

The New family was also feeling the power of the number twelve Wednesday, when they welcomed their baby boy Cayvin Blake into the world. Considering that he wasn't scheduled to be born until early 2013, mom and dad Heather and Thomas New think it was baby Cayvin's decision to come today.

"I think it's something that he can brag about for the rest of his life. Yeah, 'cause I mean it's only once every century."

12/12/12 is the last major numerical date on the calendar in our lifetime. The next time we'll see consecutive numbers close to this won't be for another 100 years.