Roswell Job Corps volunteers offer time and services

Posted at: 12/13/2012 5:51 PM
Updated at: 12/13/2012 6:34 PM
By: Erica Zucco, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Roswell Job Corps students are stepping up to help repair a community church.

“Before we started we had no fence out here, it was just a bunch of broken bricks, just everything was trashed,” Job Corps student and church repair volunteer Lyle Booqua said. “The inside was even worse, they tried doing patch-ups on the ceiling and there was just nails holing up the drywall and it was caving in and everything so we decided to come and get all the drywall out, replace them and give them a better church to come to.”

They’re applying the skills they've learned as part of the Job Corps program. The church has been around for 50 years, with people still attending each week, but it’s been through a good amount of wear and tear and needs some work.

“Remodeling, landscaping, carpentry, masonry,” student and volunteer Stephen Watters said.

The students said Job Corps has helped to spark their desires to use what they’ve learned to help the community.

“If you think you don't have anywhere to go, Job Corps is that second chance,” student and volunteer Miguel Portillo said. “It will put you on your feet, you just have to dedicate yourself .”

They hope their contribution will make a difference for churchgoers, especially near the holidays.

“I think they're gonna like it a lot,” Portillo said. “Not only on how it looks but that somebody would do this for them, and especially around this time of year cause it's Christmas.”