Winter blast strikes New Mexico

Posted at: 12/14/2012 6:45 AM
Updated at: 12/15/2012 11:41 AM
By: The Associated Press; Staff

The state's latest winter storm has given much needed moisture to parts of New Mexico, and it's been snowing and raining off and on in Santa Fe.

National Weather Service meteorologist Jason Frazier says the highest peaks in northern parts of the state could see as much as a foot of snow but the system is fairly warm and snow levels shouldn't drop low enough for Santa Fe or Albuquerque to see more than an occasional flurry.

Gallup and Grants had reports of snow and wind up until early Friday morning.

Snow has been falling all day in Santa Fe.

That's why the New Mexico Department of Transportation is asking Santa Fe drivers to avoid roads unless people have to go outside for an emergency or work.

Roads are difficult with slush and ice, and as the temperature drops, the ice will come.

1-25 south of Santa Fe is bad, too. Even a driver commented on the road conditions.

"We skidded a couple of times. It was actually pretty scary. Ice patches and other drivers who don't really pay attention," Isabella Dale said.

Conditions, however, are turning ugly in the East Mountains. Visibility is low and is reporting snow packed and icy conditions on I-40 through the East Mountains.

Several schools in northern and western New Mexico closed completely Friday or released students early as the wintry blast draws near.

KOB 4 will continue to watch this storm all day and we'll pass any major changes on road conditions.

Another storm is expected to move in Saturday afternoon.

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