Rio Rancho school officials mourn shooting victim

Posted at: 12/16/2012 5:09 PM
Updated at: 12/16/2012 5:20 PM
By: Adam Camp, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Emilie Parker was only 6-years-old when Adam Lanza murdered her along with 25 other people on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Her family moved from Rio Rancho last summer.

She attended Maggie Cordova Elementary for kindergarten while in Rio Rancho.

The principal of the school, Cathy Gaarden, learned Friday afternoon that Emilie did not come outside for roll call in Newtown after the shooting and expresses her sickness of knowing the little girl had been killed.

"We just were in shock. We just kinda huddled and cried for a long time. Just kept thinking that we just can't believe it," Gaarden said.

Parker's family moved to Newtown after her dad got a job as a physicians assistant in Newtown.

Gaarden said a vigil will be held for Emilie at Cabezon Park in Rio Rancho Monday night.