Artesia cracks down on animal abuse

Posted at: 12/20/2012 6:51 PM
By: Erica Zucco, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Artesia Police arrested 18-year-old Samantha Delgado and charged her with animal cruelty, citing actions they say broke both city ordinances and state law. 

Police said they found a dog she owned very skinny from improper feeding and chained to a fence. 

“A big chain, we're talking like, a chain you could tow a car with, just to the right size where it can't struggle free, and it's embedded itself into his neck so it's kind of grown into the skin or the skin has grown into it, the chain,” Sgt. Lindell Smith said. “Injuries that, when I look at the pictures I'm like, I didn't want to see that first of all and second of all it's not right to happen to one of God's creatures.” 

The dog, named Bruno, was confiscated by police in late October. 

Rescuers at Paws and Claws nursed the dog back to health, healing its scars and watching as it changed from sad and withdrawn to happy and playful.

Police hope sharing Bruno’s story will open some eyes and educate people on animal abuse issues. 

They say if you’re having trouble caring for your own animal, or you see someone having trouble caring for theirs, they are happy to help. 

“We use the PD or the city as the animal control division, would much rather educate people on, if you’re having trouble caring for your animal or what have you, we can try to help you as best you can, Paws and Claws can help as well, it's not like the resources aren't there for people to come and get them,” Smith said. “We want to help as best we can, there's people around that that can guide the right way.”