Last minute shoppers hit Nob Hill, Downtown

Posted at: 12/23/2012 8:20 PM
Updated at: 12/23/2012 10:21 PM
By: Adam Camp, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The holiday shopping season is almost finished. Sunday saw plenty of last minute shoppers going through big box stores and local businesses to find gifts.

A great way to gather the temperature of the economy is during the Holiday season. And mixed messages came from people at the Coronado Center, Nob Hill and Old Town.

Debi Reynolds owns the Cinnabon at the Coronado Center and Cottonwood. She said business has been great this season compared to last year.

"We have had an extra weekend this year over last year," she said. "Last year Christmas fell on a weekend, so it was a little more difficult."

Even owners of  smaller businesses in Albuquerque said things have been good this year.

"It's gone pretty well. It's actually been better this year than last year. It kinda raises my hopes that the economy is doing better," Nat Talley, from Peacecraft, said.

But another vendor in Nob Hill had a different opinion about this year's Holiday season.

 "The season in general has been a little slower. Definitely feel the recession hitting the area," Jay Steinberg, owner of Birdland in Nob Hill, said.

 But Old Town had consistent optimism about this shopping season.

"It's been the best since the recession," Anabel Ribota said. "And I think we find out that it's not just about tourists. It's about coming and getting special items that you don't see at the mall or any big box stores."

Some local shoppers from Albuquerque echoed Ribota's opinion about why they come to Old Town.

"I've been doing it for years because I love the city and I love this area because it's so representative of the state. And you're going to find some really unique things here that you're not going to find at the mall," Jan Smith said.

Another shopper at Old Town said the local flavor was not the only reason he shops there.

"Old Town is great," Jim Redmond said. "Traffic is not bad at all. Much better than the malls, people are polite. They come down here to enjoy each other. It's a great place to be."