Thieves jeopardize family's Make a Wish trip

Posted at: 12/30/2012 10:31 PM
Updated at: 12/31/2012 7:53 AM
By: Maria Guerrero, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Two thieves probably have no clues as to the damage they’ve cause to a local family. A car break-in could ruin a special, once in a lifetime opportunity for a girl losing her eyesight.

The Albuquerque Police Department says car break-ins always go up during the holidays, and you’re urged not to leave any valuables out in plain sight.

But a local mother made the mistake, and is paying a horrible price.

"I don't know why you had to do this. But make my daughter's wish come true and don't do this to us," said a tearful Sky Fiske.

This is a mother’s plea to a couple of brazen thieves caught on surveillance video.

Fiske was visiting a friend at an apartment complex on Pennsylvania and Haines near Winrock Mall on Saturday afternoon when two men drove up in a black SUV, walked around the parking lot, pretended to work on their truck, then left.

But they came back and struck within seconds.

"There's the window going,” said Fiske looking at the video. “He reaches in, grabs the coat, the jacket and laptop all at once and leaves."

It sounds like just another smash and grab - they happen just about every day.

But this theft is different when you realize what it could cost this family.

"We're going to Hawaii on Friday,” she said.

Not just any vacation, but a ‘Make a Wish’ trip with her daughter Ashley.

"Just last year Ashley was diagnosed with a brain tumor as well but hers is affecting her eyesight," said Fiske.

Ashley McElroy has endured surgeries and losing her hair.

The 17-year-old lost sight in one eye and is expected to lose it in the other.

"Make a Wish was going to send me to Hawaii that way I can fulfill my dream of seeing the ocean and learn to surf I thought it was extremely amazing," said McElroy.

"This is a break for a child who is losing her eyesight. And she won't be able to see this again," said her mother.

The problem is the thieves got away with her ID and bank card.

With a frozen bank account and the upcoming holiday, Fiske worries she won’t be able to get a replacement in time to board the plane Friday.

So she’s pleading to at least have her driver's license returned.

"I prayed for this person,” said Fiske. “And that they'll find a heart and give us our stuff back because I can't afford to replace it."

Albuquerque police say one of the thieves is a white man, about 25 years old, six feet tall and about 180 pounds, driving a black SUV.

Police are looking over the video as well.