Accused tire slasher Gary Smith may have storied past

Posted at: 01/04/2013 6:41 PM
Updated at: 01/05/2013 9:50 AM
By: Chris Ramirez, KOB Eyewitness News 4

There are new allegations about Gary Smith, the former congressional candidate, accused of slashing his political opponents tires and stalking her.

After an El Paso couple saw that Gary Smith made national news for his alleged crimes in Albuquerque, they contacted the Albuquerque Police to notify them that Smith had outstanding warrants in Texas for similar crimes.

Surveillance video taken in 2011 in El Paso shows a man stabbing holes in the tires of two cars. A police report filed by the El Paso couple at the time states they are 100 percent positive the man doing the stabbing is Gary Smith.

Albuquerque Police Det. Lorenzo Garcia is now comparing the cases in El Paso to the ones in New Mexico.

"I actually felt a little sorry for him when we put him into custody,” Garcia said. “I thought maybe he just recently came unhinged and he needed help, but when I found out he's been having issues since 2008 I realized we avoided something that could have been really tragic."

The allegations from the El Paso couple get bizarre. The neighbors allege in police reports that Smith would throw dog feces into their yard then call animal control to report that the backyard was a nuisance. When the neighbor allegedly caught Smith slashing his tires, he reported that Smith took the blade and stabbed his arm. The report also states Smith threw red paint all over the side of his neighbor’s wall.

Garcia said the couple even reported Smith tried to burn down their home. Garcia said there are two active warrants out of El Paso connected to these allegations. There is a possibility Smith may face extradition to Texas to answer to those outstanding warrants after he finishes his legal matters in New Mexico.

Late Friday afternoon, the department filed new charges on Smith accusing him of stalking his former campaign manager Rhead Story.

Smith appeared in metro court Friday for visiting his alleged victim’s home even after the judge ordered him not too. With all of his bond settings, Smith will have to put up $150,000 in cash to get of jail.