New poll shows unpopularity of Congress

Posted at: 01/09/2013 4:46 PM
Updated at: 01/09/2013 7:21 PM
By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A new national poll shows the popularity of the United States Congress has sunk lower than ever - even lower than cockroaches!

It's a poll by the highly respected Public Policy Polling firm, and it finds Congress with a nine percent approval rating, with 85 percent of the American people disapproving. But the pollsters didn't stop there. They asked voters to make some choices.

That's where those cockroaches come in. They beat Congress by two percentage points, 45 percent to 43 percent. But that's nothing. People prefer head lice by a margin of better than three to one. Genghis Khan is more popular than Congress. Ditto for Donald Trump, traffic jams, France, used car salesmen, root canals and Brussels sprouts.

New Mexico voters are more than ready to chime in.

"I think what they're saying is right," said Vince Chavez. "It's true. Both parties are to blame right now. People are not happy with what's going on with the economy and I think that reflects on our elected officials."

"All I've got to say is that things have never changed," said Nash Encinias. "It's always been the same. Congress has always been pretty unpopular."

"I hate 'em and America hates 'em because they just don't get the job done, period," said Tim Carpenter. "I think they're so bad I think the Kardashians should be more popular than they are!"

Actually, that's where you'd be wrong - Congress is 13 points more popular than the Kardashians. Congress also beats Lindsay Lohan, Fidel Castro, meth labs, North Korea and John Edwards.

New Mexico's congressional delegation seems to be well aware of the poll, at least on the staff level. One veteran staffer reminded us that Americans tend to like their own individual Representatives and Senators a lot better than they like Congress as a whole.