Clovis man dies after brutal mugging

Posted at: 01/10/2013 8:14 PM
By: Erica Zucco, KOB Eyewitness News 4

“His life is over, he’ll never be here again,” Paula Castillo, daughter of Joe Garcia, said. “He’s gone and I promised him that I was going to make sure whoever did this to him will pay for it.”

Joe Garcia’s family is in mourning after the 61-year-old died of brain bleeding they believe was connected to a mugging just days before. Castillo said that last Friday, Garcia went to a store to buy toilet paper and was mugged and beaten in an alleyway. They ran away with his cell phone and wallet in tow.

He walked four blocks back to his home with a jaw broken in three places and bleeding from his brain. He was taken to a local medical center, then to a Lubbock trauma center and was treated, then released for at home car. Two days later, he stopped breathing whil eat home.

Police are trying to find out who attacked him and to confirm whether the attack led to his death. Garcia’s family just wants people to know what a good man he was, to find the attacker, and to prevent something like this from happening to anyone else.

“My dad didn’t deserve this,” Castillo said. “Nobody deserves this. He just took him away from us, too fast and for what, an empty wallet?”

The family takes solace in the fact that he was surrounded with family when he died.

“For him to go in my hands I know it was so much love between both of us as he was leaving,” Ashley Garcia, his granddaughter, said. The day before he died, they spent the day listening to his favorite tejano music, and it was like he was himself again.

The family hopes sharing their story will remind others to hold their families tight.

“He loved me and I loved him and that’s all that matters,” Castillo said. “If you have family, appreciate them because they’re here one day, they’re not the next, you just have to appreciate everybody around you.”