Gun talks continue

Posted at: 01/10/2013 9:10 PM
By: Steve Handelsman, NBCNC

Another SWAT team at a school, another shooting incident.

The images from near Bakersfield, California hit cable news networks Thursday as Vice President Biden said he'll send a proposal to change U.S. Guns laws to President Obama on Tuesday.

Biden, who met with hunting groups and the National Rifle Association on Thursday, is expected to recommend a new ban on assault weapons and large capacity clips, and setting up a stronger background check system.

There will be no exceptions for gun shows and the internet market where 40% of guns are sold now without any check to stop sales to criminals or the mentally ill.

A Virginia Tech shooting survivor says changing that is job one.

"Not taking guns from every American, not removing the Second Amendment from everybody. That's not what we're taking about. We're talking about making sure guns don't get in the wrong hands. And how do we do that?  That's a background check," says Colin Goddard.

In the wake of the movie massacre in Aurora, Colorado's governor is the latest to take up new gun laws.

"We have obligation to  prevent similar tragedies," Governor John Hickenlooper said in his State of the State address.

Gun rights advocates, meanwhile, are pushing back.

"The best response is to have a good guy with a gun at the scene, and to do that you need more people who are good guys with guns," says J.J. Swiontek.

The National Rifle Association claims a gain of 100,000 new members since the school shooting in Connecticut.