Evidence reveals details in officer-involved shooting

Posted at: 01/18/2013 6:00 PM
Updated at: 01/18/2013 6:08 PM
By: Jill Galus, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A key piece of evidence is helping explain the moments before a Farmington police officer shot and killed a man on New Year's Day.

A family member told KOB Eyewitness News 4 that Mark Chavez was a father and a good, hard-working electrician.

Farmington police said the incident began with a strange phone call that came from Chavez's phone. State Police, which is investigating the incident, has not confirmed whether it was Chavez who, in fact, called.  

"911, what's the address of your emergency?" the dispatcher asked.

"Yes, oh my god, you will not believe it, there's been a woman killed by a crazy man," the caller replied.

"Okay, and who is the woman?" the dispatcher questioned.

"She's been killed," the caller replied.

"Who is she?" the dispatcher asked again.

"With a crazy man in a blue shirt, come now, please!" the caller responded.

But there was no attack on a woman. That phone call, possibly from Chavez, led police to a Farmington home.

In video from police cruiser dashboard camera, an officer is seen walking toward the house.

Chavez is seen approaching the officer, although, it is unclear if he is wearing a blue shirt, as referenced in the phone call.

"How's it going? Get on the ground, freeze, get on the ground now," the officer is heard saying in the video.  

An unknown person is heard yelloing, "do it, do it."

Moments later, three gunshots are heard.

Chavez's family has seen the video and heard the 911 call. His sister-in-law, Mary Chavez, wanted to get a clear message to the community.

"If there's someone out there in need of help, you know, there's somebody there that will listen to them, that there is hope," Mary Chavez said. "We just want to spread the word of hope."

The Farmington police officer who shot Chavez has been involved in two prior shootings -  both of which were ruled justified.

Mary Chaves said the family does not plan to take any legal action, but, instead, hopes others learn from this incident.