Santa Fe firefighters live in trailers during station renovation

Posted at: 01/19/2013 9:52 PM
Updated at: 01/19/2013 10:31 PM
By: Adam Camp, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Some Santa Fe firefighters are living in trailers because of renovations to their fire station.

Fire Station No. 4 is getting a $1.2 million renovation, forcing the firefighters there to live in trailers.

The Santa Fe Fire Department Battalion Chief commended his men for living in the tight spaces.

"It shows great strength of character for these guys to be willing to put up with this, living in RVs and less than ideal conditions,” Carl Cook said.

The freezing temperatures have caused pipes to freeze in one trailer. The septic tank on that trailer burst and now the trailer is gone. But three men still live in the trailer for a 48-hour shift.

Cook said the renovations should have started in the fall, but there were construction complications.

"You hear a little bit of the grumblings and stuff from some of the guys, but other guys are ok with it," Cook said.

The trailers have lights outside warming the pipes and Cook said water comes from inside the station the men have plenty of hot water.

The union president for the Santa Fe Fire Department did not return any calls or text messages Saturday afternoon.

Cook said he would try to get his men a ribbon after living in the trailers for several months.

They should move into the new station in April.

"The gift or the reward for them dealing with these conditions is going to be having a station that's nice and modern and updated," Cook said.