Police chase subject at wrong place at wrong time

Posted at: 01/24/2013 8:06 PM
Updated at: 01/24/2013 10:15 PM
By: KOB.com staff

While a Blake’s Lotaburger was robbed Thursday, the subject of the day’s police chase was not the robber, but, rather, a person with a stolen vehicle at the wrong place at the wrong time.

That means a robber is still on the loose in Albuquerque Thursday night.

Police said the subject was not involved in the robbery that occurred at the Blake’s at Central and Garcia. 

Police determined the SUV the suspect fled in had been reported stolen Dec. 18 and that was the reason the person and possible passenger fled the scene when police arrived at the Blake’s on Lomas and Pennsylvania to investigate the possible robbery suspect possible about to strike the other restaurant.

The subject drove away in the SUV at a high rate of speed.

Police observe the SUV as it drives into the foothills area where apparently a passenger was dropped off near Central & Dorado. 

The SUV continued driving recklessly into southeast Albuquerque where the driver pulled into the driveway at the 400 block of Carlisle Blvd SE, where the he was taken into custody. 

The subject faces receiving or transferring of a stolen vehicle.