Griego family obituaries published

Posted at: 01/29/2013 5:45 PM
Updated at: 01/29/2013 6:22 PM
By: Jill Galus, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The community spent last Friday grieving for five members of the Griego family as they were laid to rest.

Tuesday, their obituaries appeared in the Albuquerque Journal and provided a look into who each of the victims actually were, instead of being defined by tragedy.

A husband, father of ten and servant of God, 51-year-old Greg Griego "overcame difficult obstacles in his own life and became a symbol of redemption and compassion for those who struggled with addiction and incarceration."

His wife, and the loving mother of their children, 40-year-old Sarah Griego, was a "home school teacher, ministered to women in jail and was active in Calvary Chapel's spanish and jail ministry."

Their son, 9-year-old Zephaniah Griego, "loved to play the djembe drum and wanted to someday be a lawyer."

Their daughter, 5-year-old Jael Griego was, "daddy's little princess...loved to dance and cuddle and wear glittery dresses...and always struck a pose."

Their youngest, 2-year-old Angelina Griego, "loved to dance hip-hop and cried when she got clothes for Christmas."

Nehemiah Griego, 15, is accused of shooting and killing them. He had not been indicted as of Tuesday, and only if that happens will he then be scheduled for an arraignment in district court, according to the district attorney's office.