Baillios customers getting refunds from Super Bowl promotion

Posted at: 02/04/2013 7:05 PM
Updated at: 02/04/2013 9:02 PM
By: Jill Galus, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The Baltimore Ravens may have won the Super Bowl, but dozens of people in the Albuquerque area are feeling just as lucky, with the deal of a lifetime.

More than 80 people are getting full refunds on TVs they just bought.

Baillio's Electronics and Appliances will be writing more than $100,000 worth of checks to their customers.  This was all riding on pure luck of the game.

A play for Super Bowl history, it was not just Ravens fans screaming over the second-half opening kickoff.  Dina Moore said she watched, frozen in her seat.

"We saw the guy catch the ball and run like a maniac and we were screaming and shouting because everybody here knew that that meant, I got a free TV," Moore said.

That is $2,200 Moore will soon be getting back for her brand new 65-inch television.  This is all part of a special promotion at Baillio's.  If the opening kickoff or second-half kickoff was returned for a touchdown, certain customers won big.

"We thought it was never gonna happen, we didn't factor that in at all," Moore said.

Baillio's Vice President Rob Kujath said Moore is one of 83 customers getting a full refund.

"That might put us out of business," Kujath said, jokingly with a smile on his face.

Prior to the promotion, Baillio's purchased insurance to pay for the refunds, at the slim chance it'd happen, and Kujath said he is glad they did. He said this is what keeps people coming back.

"We've got people that still come in from the 1998 Broncos promotion and ask us if we're going to run the promotion again, and remember their dad got their TV for free," Kujath said.

Moore said she is happy she went for the 65-inch, instead of the 42-inch she originally went shopping for.

"Bigger is better," Moore said, with a big smile.  "Maybe we'll get new flooring, I don't know."

Some customers also won their money back by predicting the Ravens as the winning team.  This was part of a separate promotion back in the summer.

Baillio's is still waiting for insurance to verify the invoice, Kujath said, then they plan on having a cash-back party sometime within the next two weeks where those select customers will get their refund checks.