Mother, stepfather arrested on child abuse charges

Posted at: 02/05/2013 6:49 PM
By: Jill Galus, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Seeing sheriff's deputies parked out front is not what you expect to see when you drop your child off at school, but it is what the front of Adobe Acres Elementary looked like after a student arrived Monday badly beaten.

Deputies said the boy had "a bump on his head, bruises, and a cut under his lip and ear." A school counselor called police.

"They really are trained first of all to know what to look for, and I think that they're always ready to step forward if something needs to be reported," APS Spokeswoman Monica Armenta, said.

Deputies arrested the child's stepfather, 36-year-old Nathan Treloar and mother, 31-year-old Sandra Miller, each for three counts of child abuse.  Colleen Calamia, 35, lived with them and was also arrested for failing to report it.

According to the criminal complaint, investigators said the abuse happened inside of the couple's residence along De Vita SW.

Neighbors told KOB Eyewitness News 4 the screaming was so loud at times they could hear it all the way across the street.

"You could hear the kid screaming out here getting his butt kicked," Frank Davis, who lives nearby, said.

The young boy, with his siblings, would often play outside in the front yard, Davis said, but then "they went through hell with them, with the man, because he manhandled the hell out of them.  But yet, he'd go out and buy him an ice cream cone."

Treloar admitted he hit the boy with "an open hand" until he began to "bleed pretty severely from his nose...because he didn't sweep the floor," investigators said.

The child is in state custody.  His injuries are not life threatening.