Protestors accuse Walmart of using abused pigs

Posted at: 02/06/2013 5:35 PM
By: Eddie Garcia, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Protesters say it's torture. They say Walmart gets the pork you buy from a farm that abuses animals.

They used a giant inflatable pig Wednesday to get that message across at an Albuquerque store.

National animal rights group "Mercy for Animals" took their tortured inflatable pig to the Carlisle Walmart at lunch time.

"This is city number 75 and we're set to go to 42 more," said group spokesman, Phil Letten.

The group protests around the country against the farm where they claim Walmart gets their pork - Minnesota company Christensen Farms.

They provided KOB Eyewitness News 4 with a video they secretly recorded at the farm. The group interprets the footage as outright torture.

"We documented pregnant pigs confined to filthy metal crates that are so small the pigs can't even turn around," said Letten.

Christensen Farms, the target of the protest, says the stalls sows are kept in save their lives and the lives of their piglets, and are within standards for animal welfare.

Mercy for Animals says other retailers have listened and they want this corporate giant to get the message.

"We're calling on Walmart to follow the lead of Costco, Kroger, Safeway and its other competitors in committing to do away with these cruel crates," said Letten.

We asked for a response from Walmart and Christensen Farms. Neither corporation got back to us by our deadline.

On its website, Christensen Farms calls the undercover video 'dated' adding that "taking proper care of our animals is our primary goal."